Sun. Jun 23rd, 2024
Hud started a new program to pay out 83 million

In its latest press release, HUD is making some announcements. Have you heard the latest buzz in the world of affordable housing? The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) is making some serious moves. They’re not just talking the talk, they’re walking the walk with a hefty $85 million investment. Let’s break it down, shall we?

PRO Housing: The Pathway to Affordable Homes

First off, let’s talk about this $85 million. It’s part of a brilliant initiative by HUD, aptly named Pathways to Removing Obstacles to Housing, or PRO Housing if you prefer acronyms. The goal? To help communities develop and implement housing policies that pave the way for affordable homes. They’re taking aim at those pesky zoning and regulatory policies that often stand in the way of affordable housing production and preservation. With grants ranging from $1 million to $10 million, communities can make a significant impact on their housing challenges.

RAD Program: A Helping Hand for Housing Providers

But wait, there’s more! HUD is also extending a helping hand to housing providers through the Rental Assistance Demonstration (RAD) program. They’re equipping them with new tools to repair and build affordable homes. We’re talking energy-efficient upgrades, stronger climate resilience, and all that jazz. They’ve even earmarked $12 million to preserve housing for the elderly. HUD is pulling out all the stops to ensure everyone has a cozy place to call home.

The Biden-Harris Administration’s Master Plan

This is all part of the Biden-Harris Administration’s master plan to make housing more affordable for all Americans. They’re well aware that housing costs can be a real pain in the wallet, and they’re taking action. They’ve already made strides by reviving the Risk Sharing program, which has created 12,000 affordable homes so far. Plus, they’re shelling out $5 billion to create over 20,000 new affordable homes for those facing homelessness, housing insecurity, domestic violence, and veterans. Talk about making a splash!


So, there you have it. HUD is on a mission to make housing more affordable, and they’re backing it up with a cool $85 million. They’re determined to remove barriers, build new homes, and ensure everyone has a place to rest their head at night. It’s a tall order, but they’re up to the task. Hats off to HUD and the Biden-Harris Administration for stepping up and making a difference in people’s lives.


What is HUD’s PRO Housing initiative?

The PRO Housing initiative, or Pathways to Removing Obstacles to Housing, is a program by HUD aimed at helping communities develop and implement housing policies that make it easier to create affordable homes.

What is the Rental Assistance Demonstration (RAD) program?

The RAD program is a HUD initiative that provides housing providers with new tools to repair and build affordable homes, including energy-efficient upgrades and stronger climate resilience.

What is the Biden-Harris Administration’s plan for affordable housing?

The Biden-Harris Administration plans to make housing more affordable for all Americans through various initiatives, including the revival of the Risk Sharing program and a $5 billion investment to create over 20,000 new affordable homes.

This is a link to the original HUD press release

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